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Ballet Recital Number Seven

I rarely get to go to Kylie’s ballet classes anymore, and even when I do I purposefully refrain from watching the class. I do this so that I am always seeing her dance for the first time at the recital, and she never fails to amaze me. As I think back on the years gone by, it’s an incredible journey and evolution of  her skills. Watching the younger children during the recital always helps to really emphasize that journey. It’s so easy to watch these young kids and remember when Kylie was that age, and then to have her come out and perform and have that full journey played out is spectacular. It’s hard to believe that Kylie has been in ballet for almost 7 years now (her first class)! This year saw the addition of pointe and while she did not perform that during this recital, I have witnessed her training in action for that. In fact she was only one of two girls that were able to releve` to on-pointe position for their individual ballet picture! All in all it was another great recital followed by the traditional visit to Stroh’s.

Another Year of Ballet

Today was Kylie’s ballet recital, and I know I may be just a tad bit biased but she was awesome! It’s so cool to see all her hard work come together in the full routine. The change over the last four (almost 5) years is astounding. She has grown and learned so much, and her love of this art form continues to grow along with her. As is our tradition the recital was followed with ice cream down at Stroh’s.

Ballet Recital

Today was Kylie’s annual Ballet Recital, and like the previous years, it was excellent. It’s amazing to watch the entire recital and see the younger kids perform and remember when Kylie was that young. Then to see her come out with her class and watch them, it’s so exciting to see how much she has progressed through the years. I know she really enjoys doing ballet and you can really see all of the hard work that goes into learning the routine and the new positions and movements. The change from the beginning of the year through today is incredible, and being able to see how she has built upon the previous years is fascinating. After the show we once again went to Stroh’s for some ice cream to celebrate. I can’t wait to see next years accomplishments!

Ballet Recital and Ice Cream

Today was Kylie’s ballet recital! She did amazing and it is wonderful to see how far she has come over the few years she has been participating in ballet. Her instructor, Mr. Seth, says he is also very proud of her and has had told us on a number of occasions that he was very pleased that we allowed Kylie to move up to the higher level class. She is one of the strongest members of her class and moving her up gave her the added difficulty she needed to stay focused and involved. The recital was a big success and all the classes were fun to watch. After the recital we continued our tradition and went to Stroh’s for some ice cream.Now to start working towards next year’s recital.

Soccer and Ballet

Today was a very busy and long day for us. This morning Kylie had soccer, and once again the girls seemed to have a lot of fun. Watching Kylie and Delaney play on the same team is great, and watching them look for each other to try and make plays was awesome. After soccer we had a few hour break to get ready for Kylie’s ballet recital. She totally rocked it! We aren’t allowed to take pictures during the recital, but a few from after it was over can be seen here. After the recital was over we once again went down to Stroh’s to have some ice cream and celebrate. It was a long, but wonderful day.

Last Day of Summer Ballet

Today was the last day of Kylie’s summer ballet class, and continuing with the schools policy, we were allowed to come into the room a few minutes before the end of class and see what they have learned so far. During this session of her class they learned fifth position and how to tie it in with all of the rest of the moves they have already learned in previous sessions. I am really looking forward to see her next recital in the spring. I am sure they are going to learn something new in the next session of her class and seeing everything come together is amazing. Some pictures of her and her class can be seen here, additionally a video of the end of class can be seen on the video page.

Her First Recital

Tonight was Kylie’s first Ballet Recital, and we couldn’t be more proud of her! Kylie’s class was towards the end, so watching all the other kids perform their recitals (Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop) was a nice treat but really just kept me in suspense. I have seen Kylie and her class do their routine before, but not in their costumes and under the lights on stage. When it was finally Kylie’s class’ turn they were amazing! You could tell they were excited to be on stage and were having a blast. Afterward we waited in the hall while Mommy went to check Kylie out (security with the children was very strict to ensure the safety of all the kids, I was very happy about this), and as soon as I saw her I ran up to her and gave her a big hug and kiss! I did not get to see her before she went into the back (due to security once she was checked in she was not aloud back out until after the show and only the parent who checked her in could check her out, additionally no one was aloud in the back except those in the recital and those working it) because she was so excited for her “becital” that she said she wanted to go back and be with her class, of course I got there just a few minutes after this. So I was very excited to see her and tell her how proud I was and how wonderful she did. She received a lot of flowers, and even though Daddy’s wasn’t the biggest bouquet (Daddy knew she was going to receive a lot of flowers, so he kept it simple) those were the only ones she wanted to hold. That made me feel very very special. After recital we (Kylie, Mommy, Daddy, Melissa, Aunt Sissy, and Mimi) all went to Stroh’s for some very yummy ice cream to celebrate. I am very proud of you Kylie, and love you more than words could ever express.

Ballet Class Photo

On Monday Tiffany got Kylie’s ballet picture and told me that it was super cute, but I had to wait until yesterday to see it when she brought it to Kylie’s doctor’s appointment; and it is totally cute! Kylie was so proud of it that she even showed her doctor yesterday! You can see a small version of it below, and if you click on it you can see a larger version in the gallery.

Blessing in disguise

Today was supposed to be Kylie’s first day of soccer, but due to the massive amounts of rain we have been getting lately it was canceled. The school we are supposed to be playing at has there soccer field located out back, however it is in a low lying portion of the property. This means that there is the potential for soccer to be canceled even if it hasn’t rained since Thursday depending on how much rain we get. While it was disappointing that today’s soccer was canceled (we knew last night at around 9pm) it turned out to be a good thing for Kylie because of ballet. In addition to today being Kylie’s first day of soccer it was also the morning that her ballet class was having there pictures taken for rehearsal. All the kids across all the different classes at her dance academy all went to a professional photography studio and had, at the very least, a picture taken with their entire class (if everyone showed up of course) and if desired they also had individual portraits taken, while wearing their recital costume. Each class was given a schedule time slot and even though Kylie’s class was scheduled for 9am to 10am (soccer starts at 10am and goes to 11am) she did not get finished with pictures until almost 10:40am, and she was only there for the group picture. So as it turns out she would have missed the first day of soccer anyway even if it weren’t canceled. Hopefully the weather will be nicer for next weekend and then we can have our real first day of soccer.

Look How Far They’ve Come

Kylie’s ballet recital is fast approaching and tonight I got to go see another preview of her class’ routine. It is really impressive to see how far these girls have come since they all began class. Watching a child grow and learn is truly one of the greatest things you can witness and be a part of. Speaking of witnessing it, you can view the new video below, or you can click here to view it over on the video page. The video below can take a few seconds to load, so please be patient.