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Congratulations Tiffany and Neil!

As you join your lives today we hope that the happiest moments of your past become the saddest moments of your future! We wish you all the best this life has to offer and hope your journey together is long, prosperous, happy and full of love!




Yearly Pictures, a Little Late

Today we were finally able to go and have Kylie’s 7 year and family pictures taken. We typically like to have these done closer to her birthday so we have an annual timeline of her, and us, growing up. However this year we had a few issues getting the time lined up with the photographer, mainly because we were hoping to use Tiffany’s friend Sara take the pictures but the timing just wasn’t working. So we went back to Sear’s Portrait Studio and had these lovely pictures taken. I have always been happy with the way their pictures come out, but we were hoping to do some on location shots, these will have to be arranged for later I guess.

Labatt is nasty

I got a disappointing phone call tonight from Tiffany. She wanted to let me know, just in case Kylie decided to tell me this coming weekend, that Kylie does not like the taste of beer. Specifically she does not like the taste of Labatt beer. Apparently Aunt Sissy and Theresa were preparing to go out and in there pre-outing preparations were having a beer. When I asked why this meant Kylie had to try some I was told that Kylie had asked multiple times when Aunt Sissy, or someone else were drinking, to try the beer. All the other times she was told “No, this is an adult drink” but for some reason tonight Mommy decided that she could try it. She told me that Kylie immediately decided  she did not like the taste of the beer and spit it back into the bottle, apparently she disliked the taste so much she even licked a towel. Tiffany asked me if I was mad about this event to which I replied “Doesn’t really matter, it’s done and there is nothing I can do about it now.” I’m more disappointed than I am mad, and I have no doubt that if the situation had been reversed that Tiffany would have been pissed at me for letting this happen, yet I got the impression that she felt this situation was humorous because of the way Kylie reacted. I don’t know, perhaps I am just being over protective.

Surgery Day

This morning was a rather stressful morning because today was the day of Kylie’s surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids out. We woke up and, because Kylie could not have anything to eat, we decided that Daddy and Melissa would not eat either. We did not think it would be fair to eat breakfast in front of her while she was not able to eat herself. When we got to the hospital we went through the check-in routine where Kylie, Mommy, Daddy, and Kylie’s Baby Winnie the Pooh all got bracelets (a collar for Pooh)to make sure we were all identified as being together, and then we waited for a few minutes in the waiting room until Kylie got called in. Kylie was very brave during the whole time, you could tell she was a little nervous, but she didn’t complain or cry and was such a good trooper. When we did get called in Melissa waited out in the waiting room (they only allow two people to come back at a time) for us and Mommy and Daddy went in with Kylie. They weighed Kylie and she was 54.8lbs and all of her vitals were normal. after we got Kylie changed in to her gown we sat in her little room and waited for her turn to go in to surgery. Kylie passed the time by playing Plants vs Zombies on Daddy’s phone, and when she started to get a little more nervous the nurses gave her some medication to help her calm down. This medicine made Kylie sleepy and Mommy and Daddy thought Kylie was so cute as she started to slur her words and get lethargic from the medication. When they finally came to roll Kylie away she was practically sleeping and after she was out of sight that was when mommy started to tear up a little. But I gave her a hug and told her everything would be ok and that Kylie would done soon, and then she wouldn’t get sick so much and Mommy was ok. The surgery went by pretty quickly and it seemed like we were only out in the waiting room for thirty minutes before the doctor came out and told us that Kylie was in recovery and once she started to wake up they would come and get us. He said her tonsils “were huge, HUGE” and that it was good choice we made to have them out. A few minutes thereafter the nurse called us in and when got back to her room, Kylie was just waking up. She didn’t remember even leaving the room! She got a little sick from the anesthesia, but we think it was mainly from some small amount of blood she swallowed during surgery. She chewed on a lot of ice and liked that better than the popsicle they gave her. After monitoring her for about thirty minutes they released her and we were able to leave. Now Kylie is home with Mommy with a few pain prescriptions just in case Kylie complains, but we are not expecting her to as she rarely ever does. Mommy and Daddy are both vary glad that this procedure is over with and behind us and are hopeful that Kylie won’t have any more troubles with strep throat. The whole procedure was really fast, we were in and out of the hospital in just under three hours! That’s a big difference from when I was a kid and remember being in the hospital for a couple of days. Amazing how much the advances in technology and medicine have improved since then!

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

Today we celebrated Kylie’s 6th Birthday by having a Fancy Nancy Tea Party! Kylie invited a few of her girl friends from ballet and her cousins Delaney, Madelyn, and Amelia; and everyone got all dressed up and had a blast. We set up a tent in mommy’s back yard and put tables underneath with fancy placeholders that Kylie made. We then set out fancy tea sets, and decorated the tent with fancy feather boas that each girl would be able to take home. Kylie choose to have fancy pink tea and fancy finger sandwiches for the girls to eat, with fruit kabobs for snack before we had cake; we also had cold cuts for the adults to make sandwiches. The girls all had a blast playing on Kylie’s swing set and trampoline and running around with each other in general. Daddy was very busy today as well, taking over 600 pictures! Thankfully Mommy’s prediction almost a month earlier was correct and the temperature was right around 80 degrees, and while still warm, it was a beautiful day!

BBQ for Our Troops

Today Kylie and Mommy went to the Selfridge Air National Guard Base to participate in a great event called BBQ for Our Troops. This event was for military personnel and their families, to celebrate and say good bye to the men and woman who were preparing to depart on deployment. Together with other volunteers and her Uncle David Waun, they prepared a big BBQ meal and served it to the troops and their families as a “Thank You” for their service to our country. Tiffany said that Kylie was great, greeting all the troops and thanking them, and serving them rolls, she even helped with the food preparations and cleanup. Many of the service men commented on how polite, sweet, and cute Kylie was; and all of them expressed their gratitude for the meal. Kylie said she had a lot of fun and hopes that she can help again someday. A few pictures can be found here, including one of Kylie with one of the Airmen.

A Mommy – Daughter Day

Today Kylie and Mommy spent some time together and went and had a much needed Mommy-Daughter day. They went and got manicures, and pedicures, they had their hair done (Kylie just got a cut while Mommy got a cut and color) and they even did some shopping! Everything a girl needs to have a nice relaxing day.

Mommy-Daughter Day

Fastening Seat Belts

Kylie and Mommy had gotten into the car to drive to school when Mommy asked her if she would like some help with fastening her seat belt. Kylie said no she can get it, so Mommy let her try to do it on her own. Kylie struggled for a bit, but eventually got the buckle to fasten on her own. Mommy was very proud and had said “Hooray” and Kylie responded by saying, “See Mom, I’m a grown woman. I can buckle up all by myself.” Mommy giggled slightly and said, “You are a big girl, but not a grown woman sweetheart.” To which Kylie replied, “Girls are women Mom.” Mommy thought it was so funny and so adorable. Sometimes Kylie’s logic is amazing and very quick too.

Special Day at School

This morning was a special morning for Kylie and her class. Today Mommy came to class and showed everyone her violin. She told them all about the different parts and what they do, and she even let those who wanted have an opportunity to play it. Kylie was very happy and proud to have her Mommy show her classmates something new and exciting. A video of the event can be found here, but be warned it is 14 minutes long.

The Battle Continues

Tiffany called me today and asked if I wanted to start doing the weight watchers program with her. We would be each others group support and we can talk to each other about how we are doing and hopefully lose some weight without having to pay for the classes. So starting today I am restarting my weekly weigh ins and hopefully some weight loss. I weighed in this morning at a disappointing 290.2 pounds. Let’s hope I can do some good and lose some pounds!