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New Voicemails

I just added one new voicemail and one recorded conversation to the Voice Mails page and I also updated a third.  I am hoping to go back through the page and add comments or desciptions to the voicemails. If I remember that ones was left for a particular reason i will also add that. I am still working on trying to get videos uploaded and a page configured for that too, but it is late now, so I am going to bed.

New Voice Mail

I finally got around to getting a new voice mail from Kylie up. This is one that she left for me when I was heading out to PA in September for work. I still love that I can go back and listen to all these and hear her speech improve. She is such an amazing little girl!

Kylie’s Voice Mails

A long time ago I mentioned that I had found a way to get voicemails off of my phone and save them. Ever since that time it had been my intention to find a way to edit those files and remove the unnecessary information (some of the automated systems comments and options) from the files in hopes of posting them so I would have a central place to listen to them. In addition to the memories each of these recordings provide for me, it is also a nice audio record of Kylie’s growth and development. I can hear her voice change over the course of the voice mails, and I can hear her vocabulary grow and improve as well.

Recently I found the software that I need to edit these files, and after editing them all, today I was able to upload them to the server and create a page for them. The page can be found off to the right in the navigation pane under the collections page and is listed as Voice Mails, or you can go to it directly by clicking here. I am lucky enough to have recordings going all the wat back to 2006. Hopefully I will add many more messages to this collection as she grows and continues to leave me messages when I am unable to answer my phone.