Ballet Recital Number Seven

I rarely get to go to Kylie’s ballet classes anymore, and even when I do I purposefully refrain from watching the class. I do this so that I am always seeing her dance for the first time at the recital, and she never fails to amaze me. As I think back on the years gone by, it’s an incredible journey and evolution of  her skills. Watching the younger children during the recital always helps to really emphasize that journey. It’s so easy to watch these young kids and remember when Kylie was that age, and then to have her come out and perform and have that full journey played out is spectacular. It’s hard to believe that Kylie has been in ballet for almost 7 years now (her first class)! This year saw the addition of pointe and while she did not perform that during this recital, I have witnessed her training in action for that. In fact she was only one of two girls that were able to releve` to on-pointe position for their individual ballet picture! All in all it was another great recital followed by the traditional visit to Stroh’s.

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