Peregrine Falcon Rescue

Today Kylie, Melissa and I had a very strange, and probably rare, experience. We got to help rescue an injured Peregrine Falcon. We were on our way to Target to get Kylie anew bathing suit, and as we passed the car wash next to Meijer Daddy saw the Falcon standing under a tree. After turning around and going back we were realized that the Falcon was injured. There was another lady there who said she had already called the humane society and was waiting for their emergency animal pick up, so we went on to Target. While we were there Daddy made a few phone calls to track down other possible places for the falcon to go, but none were available. When we left to back home the falcon was still there and other people had gathered as well. This time when we pulled in we found out that the emergency pick-up personnel from the humane society was not going to be able to come for the falcon as they were dealing with another issue elsewhere. They suggested that if someone could get a blanket over the falcon and gently wrap it, that we could then put the raptor in a box and bring it to the humane society. Other people were currently trying to get the falcon, but all they had was a T-shirt, and that’s when Daddy remembered that we have a blanket in the truck. After getting the blanket, and working in coordination with the two other people who were trying to get the falcon, Daddy was able to get behind the falcon and drape the blanket over it and then gentle hold and wrap it, pick it up and place it in a box. We then followed some other helpers to the humane society. When we got there we gave the falcon to their emergency unit, but they came back out a few minutes later and told us they were not going to be able to save the falcon; it’s wing was badly broken and it’s one claw was badly mangled, unfortunately that had to euthanize the falcon. Even though there was a sad ending for the falcon, we all felt really good that we at least tried to help the bird. We were able to take a few pictures of the injured falcon, also a video of us catching the falcon.

New Videos

I just finished adding three  new videos to the site. Two are of Kylie practicing drills with her teammates on the first day of soccer, and the third one is of Kylie’s reaction at seeing her newly painted bedroom at Mommy’s house for the first time. They can both be found on the video page with all the others.

Two More

Just finished adding two more (older) videos of Kylie to the videos page; they are 2008-12-05 7:21 PM and 2009-01-13 6:57 PM. These are in  avi format because I needed to rotate them landscape view to portrait view. They load a little differently than the others, but converting them back to mpg format could result in quality loss, and seeing as they were taken on a cell phone that is already pretty low.

A Few Videos

I added a few older videos tonight and they can be find on the videos page. For simplicity the new ones that got added are:

There are at least 3 others that I have to post as well, but i need to figure out how to rotate a video 90 degrees so they are viewable at the proper angle.