Surgery Day

This morning was a rather stressful morning because today was the day of Kylie’s surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids out. We woke up and, because Kylie could not have anything to eat, we decided that Daddy and Melissa would not eat either. We did not think it would be fair to eat breakfast in front of her while she was not able to eat herself. When we got to the hospital we went through the check-in routine where Kylie, Mommy, Daddy, and Kylie’s Baby Winnie the Pooh all got bracelets (a collar for Pooh)to make sure we were all identified as being together, and then we waited for a few minutes in the waiting room until Kylie got called in. Kylie was very brave during the whole time, you could tell she was a little nervous, but she didn’t complain or cry and was such a good trooper. When we did get called in Melissa waited out in the waiting room (they only allow two people to come back at a time) for us and Mommy and Daddy went in with Kylie. They weighed Kylie and she was 54.8lbs and all of her vitals were normal. after we got Kylie changed in to her gown we sat in her little room and waited for her turn to go in to surgery. Kylie passed the time by playing Plants vs Zombies on Daddy’s phone, and when she started to get a little more nervous the nurses gave her some medication to help her calm down. This medicine made Kylie sleepy and Mommy and Daddy thought Kylie was so cute as she started to slur her words and get lethargic from the medication. When they finally came to roll Kylie away she was practically sleeping and after she was out of sight that was when mommy started to tear up a little. But I gave her a hug and told her everything would be ok and that Kylie would done soon, and then she wouldn’t get sick so much and Mommy was ok. The surgery went by pretty quickly and it seemed like we were only out in the waiting room for thirty minutes before the doctor came out and told us that Kylie was in recovery and once she started to wake up they would come and get us. He said her tonsils “were huge, HUGE” and that it was good choice we made to have them out. A few minutes thereafter the nurse called us in and when got back to her room, Kylie was just waking up. She didn’t remember even leaving the room! She got a little sick from the anesthesia, but we think it was mainly from some small amount of blood she swallowed during surgery. She chewed on a lot of ice and liked that better than the popsicle they gave her. After monitoring her for about thirty minutes they released her and we were able to leave. Now Kylie is home with Mommy with a few pain prescriptions just in case Kylie complains, but we are not expecting her to as she rarely ever does. Mommy and Daddy are both vary glad that this procedure is over with and behind us and are hopeful that Kylie won’t have any more troubles with strep throat. The whole procedure was really fast, we were in and out of the hospital in just under three hours! That’s a big difference from when I was a kid and remember being in the hospital for a couple of days. Amazing how much the advances in technology and medicine have improved since then!

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