Labatt is nasty

I got a disappointing phone call tonight from Tiffany. She wanted to let me know, just in case Kylie decided to tell me this coming weekend, that Kylie does not like the taste of beer. Specifically she does not like the taste of Labatt beer. Apparently Aunt Sissy and Theresa were preparing to go out and in there pre-outing preparations were having a beer. When I asked why this meant Kylie had to try some I was told that Kylie had asked multiple times when Aunt Sissy, or someone else were drinking, to try the beer. All the other times she was told “No, this is an adult drink” but for some reason tonight Mommy decided that she could try it. She told me that Kylie immediately decided  she did not like the taste of the beer and spit it back into the bottle, apparently she disliked the taste so much she even licked a towel. Tiffany asked me if I was mad about this event to which I replied “Doesn’t really matter, it’s done and there is nothing I can do about it now.” I’m more disappointed than I am mad, and I have no doubt that if the situation had been reversed that Tiffany would have been pissed at me for letting this happen, yet I got the impression that she felt this situation was humorous because of the way Kylie reacted. I don’t know, perhaps I am just being over protective.

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