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My Riding Season Begins…Finally

I got the motorcycle back this morning from Nicholson’s. Everything looks great and the short ride that I was able to go on (just riding it back home) the new handle bars felt great. There is a huge difference now in how my hands and arms are positioned on the grips and so far it feels great!

That being said, the whole ordeal of getting the work done at Nicholson’s has left a very bad memory and I am not certain I will go back there for service again. The short version of a very long story is that they have had my motorcycle since March 21, 2009 and I am just getting it back today, almost three months later.

I had to go in and talk to the service manager (Warren) twice, the sales manager (he was supposedly the highest manager in the store the day I went) (Wayne) once, and the actual store manager (Brandon) once just to make sure my repairs got done. The store places a lot of blame on a single service department person that they recently terminated. While I am not sure if it really was all this persons fault or if he became a convieniant scape goat, the fact is that their service department was shoddy.

The overall work on the bike seems to have been done well once it was done, getting it done timely was a huge issue and a battle. During one of my meetings with the service manager I had to make sure the parts where there, and it was a good thing I did because the parts that the service department were supposed to order, they hadn’t. I have been told they are working on revamping the service department and getting more able technicians in to help fulfill work orders, so I guess I will just have to wait until the next time and see if I want to try them again or not.

On the other hand, there parts department was excellent! Ordering parts from them in the future should be no problem at all.

Motorcycle Repairs Begin…Sort of.

With the help of my buddy Chuck I brought my motorcycle to Nicholson’s today and  spent almost 2 hours working with Joe (the parts guy) on picking out new handle bars, yep just handle bars. If everything goes well, and the measurments that Joe and I came up with are accurate, the new bars will almost be drag bars coupled with 4 inch risers. This is due to my need for a set of bars with little pull back so my wrists aren’t forced to turn out while holding the grips. This one adjustment should add a lot of comfort and enjoyment to my rides. I will need to go back at a later date after the crash inspection is completed to see what else I am going to replace and with what. I am really looking forward to riding with the new bars, and hope they provide the enhanced comfort I am expecting.

Truck Estimate

As I mention earlier this week my truck was damaged and the adjuster was coming to give me an estimate today. He arrived at about 8:45am and began looking at it. He told me that the repair will be covered under my broad form collision policy as it was obvious from looking at the damage that I was not at fault for the damage. When he was finished he gave me the estimate, and I have to admit I am more than a little surprised at the bill.  To fix my mirror and remove some scuff marks from the door is going to cost $524, I would not have imagened that there was that amount of damage done. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering how much damage was done to my motorcycle.

Truck Damages

I was over on U. of M. campus today watching Melissa’s little brother in a wrestling tournament at the Indoor Track building when an announcment was made that half the people needed to leave due to fire regulations.  I figured I would at the very least go and move my truck, and if they didn’t let me back into the event (as I had heard someone say they weren’t letting anyone in now) i would just leave and meet everyone at the restaurant. When I got to my truck i found that the driver side mirror had been struck and broken. It doesn’t look to bad as far as broken mirrors go, the casing is shattered at the outer bottom corner and the mirror is completly broken off, but the casing is still attached to the vehicle for the most part. I have already placed a claim and an adjuster will come and look at it on Tuesday. Such is life I guess.