“Oh Wow!”

Tonight was the Wyandotte fireworks and Mommy was debating on weather she wanted to take Kylie to see them or not. After all it was well past Kylie’s bedtime, and the last time Kylie went to fireworks she was just a little baby, only a few weeks old and she slept through them. In addition Mommy really wanted to make sure that Kylie got plenty of sleep so she would be rested for her birthday party and wouldn’t be cranky due to lack of sleep. In the end though, Mimi and Uncle Chris were able to convince Mommy that it would be fine, and so Mommy decided they would go to the fireworks. They didn’t have to go to far because the fireworks were down on the river, so they just walked down to Biddle and sat watching. Before they started Mommy explained to Kylie that they were going to be loud so that they didn’t startle her when they first went off. As it turns out Mommy didn’t have anything to worry about, each time one went off and lit up the night sky Kylie would get all excited and say “Oh, wow!” Then she would hear another one shoot up in the air and she would say “Here comes another one – WOW!” Mommy has always loved fireworks, but seeing Kylie’s expression to them for the first time, seeing her get so excited and jump up and down and hear her shout out “Wow”, that was very special. Mommy told me that she thinks these fireworks were the best ones she has ever been to, and that she will remember them forever.

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