Party Preparations

Today was a pretty hectic day as we had a lot of running around to do in preparation for Kylie’s third Birthday party tomorrow. This birthday party is a special one, well at least for me. This will be Kylie’s first birthday that her friends from school have been invited to attend. Tiffany and I have been receiving phone calls from parents of children in Kylie’s class RSVPing for the party, and I have to admit that ever time I get one, I get a little excited. I am happy that some of her friends will be attending her party and I know every time we tell Kylie another one of her friends will be attending, she gets all happy and excited, it is very cute. Back to the hectic part. Today we had to make Kylie’s birthday cake, but first we had to go get the frosting and the toppings for it. In addition we had to go shopping and get the food for the party, as this one will be held at the club house of my apartment complex, as a picnic. So we will be making hamburgers and hot dogs, along with chips and Kool Aid and baked beans. I am really looking forward to tomorrow, I hope everything goes well and everyone has a good time. Now to finish getting the final things together for the morning.

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