The Tooth Fairy Retires

A little over 5 years ago (February 4th 2011 to be exact) Kylie lost her first tooth. I can still remember pulling that first tooth out without her even realizing it, and how excited she was that the Tooth Fairy was going to come to Daddy’s house and visit her. Those days of excitement have sadly come to an end. I found out today that Kylie no longer believes in the Tooth Fairy. She told me that she was working on Mommy’s computer and found a typed letter that the Tooth Fairy had left for her on the computer. I not sure of the exact circumstances, it could be that the file was accidentally left open. Regardless, she saw it. This lead her to ask Neil if the Tooth Fairy was real. Knowing she was just on the computer he figured something was up, this wasn’t the first time she had asked any of us this question, but this time it seemed different. So he asked if she wanted the truth and Kylie said yes, so he told her. She was slightly upset but also liked that we had all done this for her.  I knew this day was coming, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still feel a little sad. While we all want to witness our children grow, mature, learn, and be successful; it’s still sad when these large events take place as they are key indicators and turning points that parents can point to as specific moments in their child’s life when they took another step out of childhood and into the next phase of their growth. As she takes this step away from being a child and moves forward in her evolution into a young woman I take great comfort in knowing that no matter her age, she will always be my Little Bit.

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