Kylie Lost Her First Tooth

Kylie's First Lost ToothIt was really loose and Mommy had tried to pull it out but she said she couldn’t because it wasn’t ready yet. However, when Daddy came over to get Kylie for the weekend he looked at it and said that it was loose enough and Mommy just couldn’t get a good grip on it so he suggested that Mommy try holding the tooth with a napkin so it wouldn’t slip. Mommy tried that and still couldn’t get it, so she had Daddy try. After a little wiggle Daddy took his fingers out of Kylie’s mouth and Kylie said “See it just can’t come out yet.” Daddy smiled and so “Oh, really?” and unfolded the napkin to show Kylie that her tooth DID come out! Kylie was very surprised and really excited because that meant the Tooth Fairy would come to Daddy’s house!! Daddy asked Kylie if she wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate and she said “yes” and when asked where she wanted to go she said “Red Crabs” so off to Red Lobster we went. What a great day! Click on the picture to see other images of her missing tooth.

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