Turkey Adventures, Round 2

I just returned from what might very well be my last hunting trip of any kind for a while. My brother and I tried our hand at turkey hunting again this weekend, and it was miserable. My brother’s coworker let us come up to his place to hunt on some land near him that he said he sees turkey on everyday. It sounded like a good lead, however, once again, my brother did not have the time or opportunity to go and scout the area. The lack of scouting is something that is a huge problem for me, I do not like going into land that no one in the party is familiar with in any way beyond looking at a google map view of. As such, much like our last trip almost two years ago, we were not very lucky. Actually, this trip was much worse than that one. For starters, this time we were sharing a tent that my father-in-law lent us whereas last time we stayed in his father-in-law’s house. So the accommodations were much worse this time in every way possible; We shared a queen sized air mattress, had individual sleeping bags, thankfully his friend lent us a tent heater because it was extremely cold, to top everything off (and the main reason it will be a while for my next trip) is that my hunting boots literally fell apart. They separated from the sole, and the inside of that area was basically all dry rot. My feet were hurting so much by the end of this trip! I will need to do some research for the next pair, as I thought these were supposed to be a good brand, but they only lasted a few years, and realistically they were only worn maybe 20 days. Also I will need to set aside some money for the purchase. Needless to say, we did not see any sign of turkeys on this trip, though it certainly wasn’t from lack of trying. In the end though, all the negatives aside, it was still really fun to spend some time with my brother again. Who knows, maybe the third time will be the charm?

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