Turkey Adventures

This weekend Chris and I went up to Lapeer to try our hand at Turkey Hunting. Neither of us have ever been turkey hunting before but he has been doing a lot of reading about it lately and wanted to give it a try. Honestly I wasn’t to thrilled about it, Turkey TracksI’m not a big fan of turkey to begin with as I am more of a ham guy. However, I knew it was going to be an awesome time with my brother, so off we went. We spent a few hours the first night scouting out some areas without much luck, so the following morning we decided that we would scout again and try to see if we can track some down and get an idea of where they were going to roost. As it turns out, we aren’t all that good at tracking turkeys. Well, that’s not entirely true. We found a lot of tracks (as seen in the picture to the right) but were not able to follow them to any turkeys. We did see a few of them though, but they were back on private land that we did not have permission to hunt. So even though we did not fill any tags, I had a really good time with my brother. We are even considering going out for the fall and already thinking about next spring.

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