First Day of Third Grade

Another first day of school has arrived and this one finds Kylie heading in for the start of third grade! This year Kylie did not experience any of the nervousness that she felt at the beginning of second grade. This year she was rather excited and confident, and really looking forward to seeing all of her friends and starting off another school year. Maybe it is because the school routine will add some much needed structure for her, something steady and constant. Kylie is more nervous about some rather large changes that are going to take place in the coming months, that of Mommy and Neil’s wedding. While she is very excited for the occasion, she is also unsure of what changes it will bring so returning to school and dealing with a new teacher, a new classroom, and possibly even new friends seems like a rather small change to deal with. Additionally Kylie still really enjoys school, just as Mommy and Daddy did all through their grade school years, so going back is exciting. She says she is looking forward to science this year and really hopes they will learn about rocks! She has always liked rocks, maybe she’ll be a geologist when she grows up? Hopefully that won’t be too soon though! Here’s looking forward to another great year!

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