Pre School Checkup

Today was Kylie’s yearly back to school check up and the numbers are looking just as good as last year’s. This year she measures 51.25 inches tall (4’ 3.25”) which means that since last year she has grown 2.25 inches. I know I said this last year as well, but it seems like she has grown more than that. Maybe it has to do with the continual development of her personality, vocabulary, and the evolution of her own style that makes her seem even bigger. She weighed in at 79.5 pounds today which is only 10.5 pounds more than last year. So compared to last year she appears to have had an overall smaller growth spurt, but that is ok with us as we don’t want her growing up too fast anyway. Her blood pressure this year was 98/60, and that is still good for her age. She is now all set to start third grade, even if we aren’t fully prepared for her to be this old yet!

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