Summer Has Begun

Because I finally got the motorcycle back from Nicholson’s from Winter storage. While they had it they replaced my battery because apparently it was not up to par, though they said nothing appears to be wrong with my charging system. As for the fuel gauge they say it’s normal for it to be slightly off, so instead of me spending a bunch of money to have that replaced I am just going to leave it and be mindful. The levers were successfully replaced, however the mirrors were not. Well, technically they were but the new ones were not large enough or high enough and ended up being completely useless. Unfortunately they were not able to refund me the cost of the new mirrors because they could not find the box they originally came in. As such they supplied me with some store credit which I applied toward some winter/cold weather riding gloves that came in very handy on the chilly ride home! I am hoping to have time to do some more riding this year, however, I have a bad feeling that won’t happen due to my new job and the commute that I don’t feel comfortable on the motorcycle on. Regardless, it’s nice to have it back.

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