Severe Allergic Reaction

Lately Kylie has been getting a rash after going swimming, but it’s never consistent. Tonight, however, her reaction was really bad. We are not sure if there was a higher concentration of chlorine in the pool at the YMCA or if, perhaps, they had just shocked the pool before she got in. Regardless of the situation the rash was bad enough that Mommy took her to ER and they gave her some medicine that contains steroids to bring down her rash. We are going to need to keep an eye on her reaction when swimming, perhaps give her a shower right after to get all the excess chlorine and other chemicals off of her.

EDIT: Mommy got in touch with an allergy specialist to see if we should have Kylie tested, however, after explaining the situation to him the doctor said we should skip the testing and just give Kylie some over the counter allergy medicine during the summer and wash her off after each dip in the pool. He said that, due to the nature and variations of the chemicals used in pools we may never find the right balance of them that trigger her allergy.

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