Definitly Time to get Insurance

So I was getting ready for work this morning, actually I was ready and sitting at my computer doing some pre-work, when I heard a really odd sound. The best way I can describe it is that it sounded like the compressor on my refrigerator kicked on, but it was at least ten times louder. So, naturally, I got up to check out what it was.  When I got to my kitchen, however, I could plainly see what and where the noise was coming from…the two fire trucks outside my building. Apparently one of them was a pump truck and I was hearing the pump engaging. Obviously this was not a good sign, and seeing a hose going from the truck and into the building next to mine (which is actually connected to mine, they share an exterior wall) was an even worse sign. I had heard the sirens for the trucks but seeing as they were not blasting and lasted only a moment I had thought it was coming from the main road that I am right next to, apparently I was wrong. I am so used to hearing the sirens, seeing as we live next to a main road and less than a mile from the fire station, that I didn’t check to see where it was coming from when I did hear it. The issue was resolved rather quickly as the trucks left in under an hour. I later found out (from talking to one of the maintenance guys on my way out to work) that someone had a small grease fire in their kitchen and there was not a whole lot of damage. It did however make me realize that I have been meaning to look into getting renters insurance for a very long time. Seeing as we don’t have any, if that fire had been more serious and spread through the building we could have lost everything with no means to replace anything. So while I was on my lunch break today I got a couple of quotes and once I got home I promptly purchased my first renters insurance policy. It doesn’t actually go in to effect until February 1st, so now I just have to hope that in the next week no one burns down the apartment. Surprisingly, I do feel better knowing that I have this policy, especially after this mornings activities.

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