Busy Fun Day

Today was a rather busy day for Kylie, Melissa and I, much busier than we thought it was going to be when we woke up, but in a good way. We started out just by simply relaxing and having a calm day. But then around lunch time we decided to head to the pool and swim for a bit, Kylie really seemed to have a good time playing in the water. Additionally she is getting much better at swimming; kicking and using her arms and she is also getting much more comfortable with putting her head underwater. After swimming for a bit we decided to lay out in the sun and dry off and relax, and relaxing it was. After we went home and changed we had some dinner and decided to head down into Depot Town to look in on the areas first ever Ton-Up Motorcycle festival. They had all sorts of motorcycles on display, live music, food vendors, local accessory dealers and even a wrestling show. Seeing all the older vintage bikes (which was a focus for Ton-Up) was really cool, but Kylie really seemed to enjoy watching the wrestling match, which was rather surprising to Daddy; and of course she liked listening to the live band (Rattlebox was playing while we were there). Hopefully next year we will head to the festival a little earlier in the day because by the time we arrived a lot of the vendors had packed up and left. As an added bonus and surprise ending to the day Daddy decided that after looking at what was left of the festival that we would take a walk over to Cafe Luwak in downtown Depot Town and have some ice cream, this decision, of course, was an overwhelmingly good idea. Today was a really great day and I look forward to many more like it.

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