Soccer Party

Today was Kylie’s soccer party for the completion of the six week season. It was downriver in Trenton in the church parking lot and Kylie had a lot of fun. I was really impressed with all the things they had there for the kids to participate in. To start they had pizza, cookies, cotton candy, and Capri Sun juice pouches to drink; all of which were very enjoyable. For activities they had a number of large inflatable games for the kids to play on including a large bounce/jump house, an obstacle course, and a big slide. These are the three main ones that Kylie seemed to like, but I think I would have to lean towards the obstacle course as being here overall favorite; she must have ran through that one four or five times in a row and even more than that in total! On the video page there are three videos, one of each of the three activities she seemed to like best. After the party was over we decided to head back to Ypsi and swing in on the Crossroads Music festival. However, seeing as everyone had already had a long day and we all seemed to be pretty tired, we did not stay as long as we typically do and instead came home and called it a night. I was just happy to see Kylie have so much fun, that makes it all worth it to me.

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