Last Day of Class

Finished the NetApp Fundamentals class today, all in all it was a good class. We covered a lot of information but not with a lot of depth. Knowing what I have lined up at work I think it would be great if I could take the CIFS class, however that is another three day class and I am not sure if work will pay for that. I’ll keep it in mind as the Healthcare filers will be doing some tricky work with CIFS and I know it would be beneficial.  We finished class early today (around noon) so I thought about going to the Grand Canyon, but with it being 240 miles away the time doesn’t work out to make it worth trying. I thought about trying to catch an earlier flight out, but sitting stand by potentially until my scheduled flight tomorrow doesn’t sound to appealing either. It was nice being out here though, the weather was perfect and from what I have been told it’s like this eight months out of the year, the other four are really hot, but I think I could handle it, after all that’s what air conditioning is for right?

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