Heart Attack Grill

What a dinner! The other day in class one of the Phoenix natives mentioned a restaurant located in Chandler known as the Heart Attack Grill (Wikipedia). This restaurant is known for two things, there giant hamburgers and their, um, visually appealing environment (aka their “nurses“). After the instructor looked it up online during one of our breaks and shared it with us I decided I needed to try this place before leaving Phoenix as it is only a few minutes from my hotel, and let’s face it when will I be out here again? It was easy enough to get to seeing as I have a GPS unit in my car, the hard part was once I got there I needed to find an ATM as the establishment is cash only; a fact I wish they had stated on there website. I had a feeling this place was going to be good when I approached the door and a sign on it said “Caution! This establishment is BAD for your health.” When I went in my “nurse” greeted me and informed me that each hamburger on the bun weighs in at a half pound, at that point I decided to order the Single Bypass burger. The flatliner fries, which were delicious, where unlimited and self serve. I watched as an entire potato was placed on a press, the bottom of which was a metal grate, and the potato was rammed through it to create the fries, which fell directly into the deep fryers basket, I had one order of these delicious fries to ensure I had room for my Single Bypass. The whole “hospital” theme is continued (in addition to the waitress wearing sexy nurse uniforms) by the fact that they actually placed me (and every other “patient”) in a hospital gown and wrist tagged me with a band saying I was having a Single Bypass. After coming back to my room tonight I did a little more research into this place and found this CBS News review which gave me some interesting information, like everything is cooked in, and with, lard! I really wish I would have tried the Quad, I guess now I have another reason to come back to Arizona (seeing the Grand Canyon is the other, it’s 240 miles away from me now so I don’t think I’ll have time to go see it). The hamburger was easily one of the top 10 I have ever had, and if I lived out here I am positive I would go back, often. After finishing my meal I had my picture taken with my “nurse” Alyssa, and though you can’t tell from the picture, I am sitting in a wheelchair. I wonder if I could open a franchise back in MI…?

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