Riding Season Ends

That was one of the coldest motorcycle rides I have ever taken! It’s 40 degrees out and raining, so it must have been a good time to bring the motorcycle over to Chuck’s house for the winter, as he is being so kind to let me keep it in his pole barn again this year. I think last year when I brought it to Chuck’s it was cold then too, I remember it was definitely raining harder, though it might have been a little warmer. It’s kind of sad though, because I hardly got to ride at all this season due to the weather and other things not allowing for the time. Even though it was a very cold ride, it was still nice to be back on the road. However, it had been so long since I last rode that I had to jump start it three times before it would stay running, that is the most I have ever had to jump it. Hopefully next season I will get to ride more than this season, but in reality any ride time is better than none.

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