Our little Ballerina

2009-06-04_1707For a while now Kylie has said she wanted to join ballet, and today she finally got her wish. We needed to wait until she was old enough to join a class, find a class she could join, and find a way to fund it. All of those things came together today. Mommy found a class down river that she could join and Mimi said she would finance it. So that is what they did today. Kylie, Mommy and Mimi all went and got Kylie signed up for ballet; registered for the class, and purchased all the necessary garments. Kylie is super excited, and looks ready to dance! Her first class is going to be on June 23rd and I am hoping to be able to make it to see some of her classes.

They are going to be weekly at 4:30, but the problem is that they are an hour away from me, so even if I can get out of work early, I may not be able to make it down to the classes. I will try very hard to make it to at least one though, as i really want to be able to see her dance.

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