Earlier today when we took Kylie to the doctor, he wanted to see if her complaining about her back affected her running. To get her to run we went out in the hall and she stood at one end of the hall with Mommy and I stood at the other end of the hall with the doctor. The doctor then told Kylie to run to him and she could have a sucker.

Tonight after dinner Kylie decided she was going to play doctor, she put on her stethoscope and picked up a glove. She then held the glove out and said “Mommy, run.” Tiffany said “what do I get if I run?” and Kylie said “a glove,” so Tiffany ran over to Kylie and grab the glove and then ran back. Kylie thought this was very funny and laughed for a while. It is really great to see that she remembers what the doctor did earlier today and was able to reenacted it later on.

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