Dr. Visit

For the past week or so Kylie has been randomly complaining that her back is hurting and holding her lower back. She will do this and then continue top play without issue. The first time she did this I thought she might have done it because she had just heard me say that my back was bothering me, so I just acknowledged her and then watched her to see if she showed any further indication that her back was bothering her. I mentioned it to Tiffany so she could keep an eye on Kylie as well, and while Tiffany didn’t hear Kylie complain she did receive word from Kylie’s day care that she complained once at school. We decided to take her to the doctor just to make sure. While we were there Kylie got on the scale all by herself for the first time, and today she weighed 32lbs. The doctor took a urine sample and ran some tests to check for kidney issues and he also checked her for bruises and her back in general. All of the tests came back normal and the doctor said that she may have in fact heard me mention that my back was bothering me, as Kylie has no problem running, walking, climbing, or playing in general. We will just need to keep an eye on here and if she continues to complain we may need to go back.

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