Reading from Memory

I picked up Kylie from day care today, and as usual I asked her the normal questions and we chatted out to my truck. As we began to drive home to we continued to chat back and forth, her telling me about her day and I listening and asking questions. After a few moments lull in the banter Kylie began chatting again, and although I could not understand all of her words, a few started to stand out, and I slowly began to decipher the rest of her banter. Kylie was “reading” a book to me, more accurately she was reciting a book to me. That book was Goodnight Moon, a book that I often read to her at night before bedtime. She was saying “goodnight moon, goodnight room” and a few other lines from the book. This isn’t the first time she has recited books, or even read books along with me, but this is the first time she has recited this particular book. It is amazing how accurate her memory is and how clear her speech is. Watching her grow and develop is truly amazing.

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