Aunt Courtney was giving Kylie a bath tonight when she noticed something odd. After clearing away soap bubbles from around Kylie and doing a little investigating Aunt Courtney’s reaction was “Eew, Kylie what is that?” To which Kylie replied “I dunno” with a sheepish grin. Aunt Courtney had discovered that Kylie had gone poop during her bath. “Kylie, did you go poo-poo in your bath?” she asked, and Kylie replied “yeah” with a grin. So Aunt Courtney cleaned out the one piece of poop and put Kylie on the potty to see she had to go any more. She did go pee, but there was no more poop to follow. Mommy thinks this is the first time that Kylie has had an incident in the bath tub, and thinks it is humorous that it happened to Aunt Courtney. Maybe it’s time to look back into potty training…?

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