Gymnastics, the begining

For the longest time now Kylie has been leaning forward on her hands and placing her head on the floor in the starting position for a somersault, and Tiffany or myself, or anyone else who happened to be near, would roll her over to do a somersault. Kylie really seems to enjoy doing this, as she will always laugh and smile and get up to do it again. Lately she has been showing signs of trying to do it on her own. She will get into the starting position and try to rock forward over her head but the furthest she has come is to just push up on to her toes. Today however, she finally made it over into a somersault all on her own. She started out the same, with her head and hands down and trying to roll forward, and then she actually did it! Well she kind of rolled more over to the side, but it was more of a forward somersault than just falling to the side and then rolling to her back. I am very excited about this and am looking forward to seeing her do one myself the next time I am home.

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