Back in Minnesota

Tonight I returned to Minnesota after my extended stay back in Michigan. It is getting harder and harder to say good-bye to Kylie when I have to come back here. Being out here wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to be so far away from her. I just have to remind myself that being away from her will hopefully allow me to provide a better future for her.

I have had a lot more exposure to other people within the company out here than I ever would have had back in Ann Arbor, and I know that other people that I have not personally met have taken note of the fact that I am here. I have learned a lot of things in my time out here and though I enjoy my job here more than my previous position back in Ann Arbor, I hope that these next three months go as quickly as the last three seemed to.

In the mean time I will just have to look forward to my next trip back home. At this time I am not sure when that will be and I am sure it will not be as long as this one was, but any time spent with my daughter is precious. So I will just take it day by day, and try to learn and do all that I can to try and provide that better life.

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