A bittersweet day

First of all I would like to say Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there.

Today we spent the day with my brother at his in-laws house (because they have a pool). It was a very nice day, filled with fun in the pool and grilling and just good times in general. For what I think may be the first time, I actually went swimming with my daughter and though it was short lived (the water was a little chilly for her) it was very nice. We even got some pictures of her and I in the water and they will be posted when the rest of the pictures get posted.

On a more personal note… today was both a happy and a sad day for me.

It was a happy day because today is my very first Father’s Day as a father. As those of you who have read my site ever before you will know that I am the very proud father of a very happy and out going little girl named Kylie. She entered this world on June 20, 2005 and my life has been brighter ever since. Well last year Father’s Day fell on the 19th, so I was not a father on Father’s Day last year, but I have had the joy of being a father for almost a full year now. So today is a happy day for me.

However, today is also a sad day as it is the first Father’s Day since my Father passed away. I spent a good portion of the morning silently remembering some of the things that my Father and I used to do, and one memory stood out more than any other, and I guess that has a lot to do with the day.

When I was younger and still in grade school I remember the school giving us a coupon for a free breakfast at McDonalds on Father’s Day. It was never much and Dad always had to pay for at least one breakfast, but it is something that I remember doing with him every year for a number of years. This memory is one I never really thought of before, but today it seems very special, very much missed and very vivid.

I would give almost anything to have one more Father’s Day breakfast at McDonalds with you Dad; I love you and miss you very much. Thank you for everything you tried to teach me and to instill in me. I know I am the man I am today at least in part because of you. I love you. Happy Father’s Day!

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