Kylie’s 1st Birthday Party

Today was Kylie’s 1st Birthday Party (many MANY pictures to be placed up as soon as I can) and I think it went pretty well, with the exception of the tremendous heat, but even that was not too bad. I would like to thank Mary Jo and Steve for letting us have the party at there place, that was very kind of them. We had the party in their pole barn, which allowed for everyone to be out of the sun, it must have been at least 15 degrees cooler in there. Today seemed like a very long day for me, but I think that is because I was busy all day. Kylie got some very nice gifts and we would like to thank everyone that came out to the party, and everyone that gave Kylie a gift or card, or just wished her a Happy Birthday in general. Kylie really enjoyed her cake (we made a little one just for her) and her ice cream. I have a bunch of pictures of her eating and making a terrific little mess. All the pictures will eventually make it up into the gallery but it will take me some time so please be patient (we took over 350 pictures just of the party), I will post a message saying when they are up.

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