Hunting trip re-cap – first buck

Well last week was opening week for firearm season of deer hunting, and as usual it found me out in the woods in the frigid air hoping to fill my tag. This year started off like all the rest, arranging for time off from work and traveling out to Allegan to stay at the usual Motel (“Deer Camp”), and then starting off bright and early on opening morning. This year, however, would be different; for this is the year I tagged my first deer! That’s right at about 10:30am on opening morning I tagged a button buck for my first deer ever. It’s not very large seeing as it is a young buck, but it is still nice. All in all it was a very good hunting trip as the five of us whom went brought back five deer, four bucks and one doe. Unfortunately Mike didn’t fill his tag this year but he played a huge part in his son tagging a nice 10 point buck, which is also his first deer with a firearm. Once I get pictures back I will be sure to put them up, just not sure when I will get those pictures though. Only 51 weeks until we do it again!

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