Plymouth Ice Show

Last night I had the opportunity to go to the Plymouth Ice Sculpture show. Having never gone to an Ice Sculpture display I was looking forward to it. In spite of the sub-zero temperatures and an ice cold wind that cut through all layers of clothing, I had a good time.

The displays were simultaneously more than I expected and less that what I expected. Allow me to explain. Some of the sculptures were very detailed and intricate, which were more than I expected, and others were just pain staking-ly simple. Now I know carving ice is hard and I also know that I could probably not have done even the simplest among them. So why then am I disappointed in the simple ones? Well its not so much that they were simple, I liked the “simple” ones, the ones I didn’t like were the ones that were simply a company’s name engraved in the ice like some kind of name plate.

Anyway, if you would like to view the pictures that I took of some of the Ice Sculptures just click here.

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