“What You’ll Wish You’d Known”

I have this tendancy to read my friends sites on almost a daily basis, and one that I particularly enjoy reading is Joe’s. Joe is a person that I hold in very high regard, for numerous reasons. More often than not Joe has some interesting thought about something he has read or done, and just as often it is about something that I end up thinking “Wow, that is really cool” or “Dang, that is worth reading up on.”

One such instance occured the other day when Joe had a quote up on his site from a speech entitled “What You’ll Wish You’d Known”. Between the quote that Joe had placed on his site and the comments he made about it, I just knew I had to read this article.

I have read it, and all I can say is “Wow.” This speech is powerfully full of great points. I have a feeling that if someone had said these things to me when I was 16 I would have done things differently, and the least of it would have been the way I focused on classes, both high school and college.

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