More Shop Work

Today, once again with Zack’s help, we made a few more repairs to the shop. These will hopefully be the last repairs that are needed to this building for a long time. These repairs were found to be necessary after our work last fall on beginning to prime and seal the shop in preparation for an eventual full repainting of the shop. During the process of priming and sealing we decided that the south-west wall was so weathered that it first needed to be stripped and then primed and sealed. During the stripping process we found one section of paneling above the trim board that, during the scraping away of the paint, also showed multiple layers of the panel to be rotted. So many layers in fact, that once the scrapping was complete there was only a single layer of the pressed board panel left. In order to ensure this section in particular made it through the winter, we coated it with silicone caulk and primer. Today, that entire section was replaced along with the trim boards on both sides of the shop and another small patch on the south-west side from a previously covered small hole. This entire process today only took a couple of hours, unlike last year’s project. Now all that remains is to finish priming the shop, which should go a little faster as the rest of the shop isn’t bad enough to require being stripped, and then repaint the entire building. Once again, a huge thanks to Zack for all the help!