Middle School Orientation

In a couple short weeks Kylie is going to finish up fifth grade and move on to sixth. This means that she will be in middle school! This is a completely new school, separate from her current elementary school, though right next door. So today she got to go on a field trip over to the new school to have an orientation, and tonight the parents got to do the same. Orientation for the adults this evening was held in the library of the middle school and provided by the Principal. He explained what our children can expect in terms of additional homework, different classes, changing classes and rooms during the day, even the availability of extracurriculars and clubs. It turns out that the swimming team is one of two athletic teams that sixth graders are allowed to join, so the Wild Cats will be a great help to Kylie if she wants to go for the school team. He also informed us about the eighth grade trip to D.C. so we could start saving for it now, as it can be a little pricey. After the presentation and the corresponding Q&A, he then led us on a tour of the school. The school has a separate gymnasium, auditorium, and cafeteria which is different from the elementary school. In addition they have their own indoor school, which is where Kylie is currently practicing with the Wild Cats until after school is out for the year, then it moves to the High School. There are also fully functional science labs and multiple computer labs the kids will have access to depending on their classes. Additionally there is a new wing being built that will include a second gymnasium and additional classrooms. Next year Kylie will also be required to change for gym, which is new compared to elementary school. There are going to be a lot of changes for her next year, and there will also be some for changes for us as well. While I am a little shocked at fast the time is going by, I am really excited for Kylie to begin the next chapter of her education

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