Predators of Today

Today we went to our local district library for a presentation on present day Predators and Prey. The presentation ended up being a series of activities that we were all able to participate in preceded by a short talk about how all organisms interact with each other to create an interconnected web we call the ecosystem. There were three activities that we all took part in, mainly helping Kylie through them as they were mini science type experiments. One was designed to show the various impacts that humans and animals have on our environment and those of each other. The second was a mock dissection of various types of fish and the types of things we would find in them including different chemical elements that humans have introduced into nature that end up in the fish. The last one, and by far Kylie’s most favorite, was the dismemberment of a real owl pellet (the regurgitated non digestible portion of an owl’s meal). During this activity Kylie discovered the remains of an entire Shrew skull in her pellet and thought that was pretty amazing. The lecture and activities were presented by a member of the University of Michigan’s Museum of Natural history, which we found ironic as we just visited there two weeks ago. It was an interesting and engaging few hours and we look forward to attending other such seminars and workshops.

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