Almost a New Home

Tonight we got to our furthest point so far in our hunt to purchase a house, we had a house inspection performed on a property that we placed a bid on. I accompanied the inspector through the interior and exterior inspections and learned a lot about what to look for in a house. The outside inspection was not as long as the inside inspection and that was mostly due to all the snow we got last night rendering many items in-viewable. However, what we lacked looking at on the outside we more than made up for on the inside! The inspection lasted about three hours and after everything was said and done Melissa and I have decided to walk away from this property. There were enough little things wrong, and a few major ones, that made us decide that even though the house was cosmetically very nice, this just wasn’t the house for us. It by no means was a waste though, not only did the inspection reveal these things to us in time to walk away, but I also learned a great deal that I hope to remember for future viewings.

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