Father’s Day Slumber Party

Happy Father’s Day! Today we spent the day at Chris and Tracey’s new house for a nice little cook out. The new house has a lot of shade in the backyard which really helped to cut down on the heat and made being outside really enjoyable. The kids all had a blast running around and playing together. Unfortunately Kylie doesn’t get to hang out with her cousins as much as we would like to, but that makes days like today really special. Watching the kids all playing together and having such a good time is always great. After the day was done Kylie got to stay and have a slumber party with her cousins, she had been looking forward to this for a while and was so excited that she didn’t even remember saying goodbye to Melissa and I when we left. She called me from Aunt Tracey’s phone a while later to say that she didn’t remember me telling her we were leaving. I found this kind of funny in a way. She was so excited and so wrapped up in wanting to play with her cousins that she didn’t even remember giving Melissa and I a hug and a kiss and telling her all the usual “be good” and “listen to your Aunt and Uncle” before we left. It wasn’t until after she had a shower and they were calming down and relaxing, trying to prepare for bed, that she “realized” that we were gone. Needless to say, she had a great time and no issues being away from home. She is already looking forward to the next time she has this opportunity.

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