The Lion King

Tonight I took Melissa to see the Broadway Musical The Lion King at the Detroit Opera House, which is the same venue where we saw Wicked. Unfortunately getting to the show did not go as easy this time as it did for Wicked. Part of this had to do with planning on our part, failure to make dinner reservations forced us to go to a second choice for starters. Then there was some unexpected traffic issues that caused us to take an alternate path that I was not even remotely familiar with. Thankfully the GPS on my phone is really good and was able to get us there, though we did cut the timing very uncomfortably close. When I say close I mean that when we walked up to the entrance of the Opera House they were already calling out announcing the show was going to start and doors would be closing in 5 minutes, and we still had to wait in line to get in and find our seats! We made it though and had some time to spare, mainly because they never seem to start on time, and the show was amazing! While this is actually the second time I have seen this musical, I was surprised at the amount of the show that I had forgotten about, so it was almost like seeing it for the first time again. Or perhaps they changed some things since the last time? Either way the musical was really good for me the second time through, and for Melissa seeing it the first time; well she found it to be pretty amazing too. She really loved the costumes and how they were able to portray the animals, particularly the large ones like the elephant, giraffe, and rhino. A couple of pictures are up in the gallery. Now we just need to wait and see if anything else is coming the area we want to go see.

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