Four Years Shaving

So I just realized that yesterday also marked four years since I got my new shaving paraphernalia and began wet shaving. After four years I am still using the original 10 blades that I purchased (I still 4 brand new blades that I have yet to use) and the original Omega shaving soap (about half left)! The badger hair brush never got used because I ended getting my Grandfather’s old shaving brush from my Mother (it was her Father’s) and so I have been using that. I am happy to say that after four years I am very happy with my decision to change to this method of shaving. Not only have I saved a lot of money on disposable razors and shaving cream, but I also have a lot less razor burn and general skin irritation after I shave. I still get some irritation occasionally and because of that I am thinking about purchasing an Alum Block, but we will see. I would recommend to anyone that they make the switch to wet shaving though, I think it is much better.

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