Red Wings Set NHL Record

Thanks to my job and a pretty awesome vendor I was able to go to my first real professional hockey game tonight. I say “first real” professional hockey game because I have been to a Red Wings alumni game, but that was so slow paced and laid back that it wasn’t a normal game, many of the players didn’t even wear helmets it was so laid back. Anyway tonight I got to watch the Red Wings set an NHL record by winning their 21st straight home game. Their unfortunate victims tonight were the Dallas Stars. The game was excellent and the seats were probably the best seats I will ever have, thanks to my vendor, we had seats up in the suites and this was my view for the night:

The suite itself was pretty nice and the food was very delectable. The drinks were available from an in suite fridge and staff came in periodically to refill it and the food. A dessert cart even came around gave us our pick of anything off the cart. I had a delicious chocolate cake shaped like a hockey puck with the Red Wings logo on top and filled with raspberry mousse. Yes, it was as good as it sounds! I think this night may have spoiled any further hockey games, or any sporting event for that matter. I mean for starters it was in a suite where we were basically catered to and pampered all night, and then not only do the Red Wings win but they also set an NHL record. How is another game going to top that? 🙂

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