New Shoes

For the Envoy that is. Today is the first time I have spent some serious cash on the Envoy… I woke this morning and decided today would be a good day to go up to Discount Tire and take advantage of their free tire rotation. I knew the tires were starting to round on the outside and seeing as I had never had them rotated in the almost two years I have had it, thought it was about time. I bought this Envoy used and am pretty sure these are the original tires that came with the truck when it was new, additionally I don’t know anything about the previous owners maintenance, so I have to assume they have never been rotated. After sitting at the store for about 30 minutes while other vehicles were worked on, a technician came out and called for me. As it turns out the tires were more worn than I had realized. All four tires were either down to or below the wear bar for there tread depth. As such I had to make the decision to go ahead and replace all four tires. I went with the General Grabber HTS tire based on some discussion with the technician. With the addition of the warranty package and tire disposal and such, when all was said and done I ended up spending $710. But hey, I got that free tire rotation! 🙂

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