Hopefully Just a Summer Break?

After a little over a year of playing, today Kylie has informed me that she no longer wants to play violin. She called me this morning while she was on the way to Aunt Melissa’s for the day and she said she doesn’t want to play anymore and asked if that was ok. Even though it makes me very sad as I thought she was doing very well and I personally love the sound of violin and fiddle music, I have no desire to force her to do something she is not interested in, so today will be her last day. She will go tonight and talk with Aerial, her instructor, and say good bye. Mommy and I think that this may just be a set back caused by the unstructured nature of summer break and are hoping that she might pick it back up once school starts up again in the fall. We think this because it seems since school let out Kylie has been getting a little more unfocused on the violin and we think it is due to the lack of structure during the rest of her day on Monday and in the other days of the week. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens come fall, personally I hope she picks it back up.

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