That Didn’t Work

I went to Game Stop tonight and got new hard drive and data transfer kit…that didn’t fix problem. Oddly enough the new (used) hard drive seems to make the problem worse as I now have 3 red lights instead of 1. Even more strange, I  put my original hard drive back in and the system booted all the way in to the dashboard without issue. As a precaution I began copying some of my game saves to the flash drive where I store all my gamer profile information, but after a few moves the console froze up again. Using the same link @XboxSupport provided me with yesterday seems to indicate that three red lights is a more serious problem that requires shipping the console back to Microsoft to fix. Looks like tomorrow I will be going back to Game Stop and returning the hard drive and data transfer cable and picking up a new (used) Xbox 360 console. It’s amazing how much this console gets used; video games, streaming Netflix, streaming movies and pictures from the network. We rely on this for a lot of our entertainment, so I definitely need to get another one.

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