Surgery is Scheduled

Tiffany called the ENT Doctor’s office today to schedule Kylie’s tonsillectomy, as of now we are scheduled to have the surgery performed some time on Friday June 24,2011. We will not find out the exact time until sometime the day before when the hospital calls us to give us the time. We have had Kylie placed on the waiting list in case something comes up sooner though, because her tonsils are still very large and at this point we feel it would be best to have them out as soon as possible. That being said though, if we can make it to the June 24 date, then Kylie wont have to miss any school due to the surgery. We have also decided not to tell Kylie until closer to her surgery date for a couple of reasons: 1) We don’t want her to spend the time between now and then worrying about the surgery, especially as she has already expressed some hesitance and worry about the idea of going to the hospital and having them out. 2) We don’t want to spend the time in between now and then having her ask repeatedly if this was the week of her surgery and how long until the day of her surgery, because when she is anxious about an event she does tend to ask about it a lot. At this point we (Mommy and Daddy) feel a little better just knowing that it is scheduled and that Kylie will soon finally have some relief.

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