Daddy, the Easter Bunny was here

Happy Easter!

Kylie woke me up this morning at about 7am, she came in to my room and quietly called me while standing next to my bed. When I stirred and moved over she climbed up and said “Daddy, the Easter Bunny was here. Kylie's Easter BasketCan we go and look?” So we got up and went and had a look, and she was right the Easter Bunny had come. On her little table were two baskets of goodies, and not just limited to candy, though she had plenty of that too. She also got two books: Harry the Dirty Dog (which was one of Daddy’s favorites when he was a kid) and The Giving Tree, which is a classic. Additionally Kylie also got some new socks and 3 garden stone painting kits. All in all it was a good morning. Sadly though our day was cut short because Daddy had to leave to fly to Texas for a week of training. 🙁

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