Wiggly Teeth

For quite a while now Kylie has been asking when she was going to lose her teeth, as this would mean she is growing up and becoming a big girl. When I told her that I didn’t know, that they would get loose and come out when they were ready, she would say “Well when I am six they will come out.” So imagine her surprise when she awoke this morning to find not one, but two loose teeth! She was so very excited that she had to call Daddy and tell him all about it. When I answered the phone she said “Daddy! Guess what!? I have two wiggly teeth!” Turns out that both of her front two bottom teeth are just becoming loose. She is very excited about this new turn of events and is looking forward to them coming out and her new grown up teeth coming in. As for Mommy and Daddy, while we are both very excited for Kylie, we are also a little sad because it means Kylie is growing up all to fast.

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